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Who are we and what do we do?

AGIS GPL was born from the entrepreneurial spirit and intuitions of the APP STUDIO company born in WARSAW Poland in the early 90s, the APP STUDIO company has established itself as a center of innovation and experimentation in the electrical sector, first of all to have designed and tested a LPG on diesel engines. Overcoming these challenges, dictated by the continuous evolution of engines and the renewed environmental needs, AGIS GPL today has a complete range of systems and components for the conversion of vehicles to gas, both LPG and CNG in full compliance with the most recent regulations on polluting emissions. The fundamental activity of our company is the design of control systems for gas systems (LPG / methane) for motor vehicles, based on microprocessors. Since 2003 they have been developed and successfully introduced in production and in sale of some types of microprocessor control units for LPG and methane systems, including: AGIS OBD / CAN, ALTIS. In a short time from a company p By design we have also become a manufacturer of solutions for the microprocessor electronics sector, and the AUTOMOTIVE sector has become our main development sector.

Our business consists in the design and marketing of LPG systems for petrol / diesel, covers the various automotive, nautical, agricultural, public and private transport construction sectors, the company has been operating for about 25 years, with 20 employees on average and can count on a robust customer base that has long been loyal to us, our operational headquarters are located in POLAND, we cover the following states: RUSSIA, GREECE, UKRAINE, LITHUANIA, ENGLAND, GERMANY, BELGIUM, ITALY We try to give our customers quality and safety.

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